D. Studio 21: Born in Portland, Thriving in Washougal

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By Jodie Gilmore, Vancouver Business Journal
Published on Feb. 28, 2014

Several local businesses, organizations and government entities will soon be sporting new websites and branding campaigns designed by D.Studio 21, an advertising and marketing company located in downtown Washougal.

Heather Jordan, principal and creative director, moved her firm from Southwest Portland to 1887 Main Street in Washougal last year.

“I wanted to live and work in the same community,” said Jordan. “Downtown Washougal has energy, and I wanted to be a part of that.”

It’s been a good move – Jordan reported that the company is on track to double last year’s first-quarter earnings, and is in the process of expanding the creative team from one employee to five to keep up with the rapid growth.

Jordan’s approach to developing “influential brand leadership” has attracted several clients in Washougal, including the city, Two Rivers Heritage Museum and the UNITE! Washougal Community Coalition, all of whom will launch new websites by early March.

For the city of Washougal, D.Studio 21 has created a new website that will create “brand presence” for the city. The site will promote the city’s “Visit Washougal” campaign, for which Jordan’s firm provided branding, strategy development and design of advertising materials.

“Washougal has a lot to offer and we’re pleased to work with the city to leverage the gems of the community,” said Jordan.

Jordan’s firm is helping the UNITE! coalition “break down misperceptions about Washougal and raise community leaders’ awareness of what the community is really about.”

Jordan is especially excited about her work with the museum, helping them focus their message, improve their branding, and spread the word the fascinating history and information available there.

“I had no idea of what was there until I went and visited it!” she exclaimed.
Jordan said her firm also “proactively donates time and talent” to local community causes. For example, D.Studio 21 is a sponsor of the Standup Paddle Board “Salmon Classic” competition, to be held at Cottonwood Beach in Washougal August 31.

Also, in partnership with the American Marketing Association of Portland, Jordan is personally donating her time as a project lead for the Oregon Easter Seals’ Bloomfest event in April.

These types of projects embody what Jordan calls the heart of her business – an emphasis on “connecting within the industries and communities we serve.” Other core company values, she said, are authenticity, integrity, creativity and leadership.

Jordan’s approach to creating influential branding includes working with a variety of media, including print, websites, social media and email campaigns. This broad scope, she said, tends to “cross pollinate.”

“[Our approach] empowers a customer’s message so consumers can digest it and become big fans,” she explained.

Working on community-related projects, said Jordan, has “opened the floodgates” and has enabled more dialogue with the community and more connections with local businesses.

“The more I can share common interests and passions, the more it has snowballed,” she said.

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